Eric Sligay, Graduate of the Applied Mathematics Program at Kettering University

Monday, November 18

Room 2-225 at 12:20 pm


Eric Sligay graduated in 2003 with a concentration in Applied Statistics. He was a co-op at General Motors Acceptance Corporation 

(GMAC) Insurance in the Actuarial Department where he was involved with extended warranty pricing. Upon graduation

Mr. Sligay accepted a position at GMAC Insurance as an Associate Statistician/Analyst in the Actuarial Department. His responsibilities included the 

analysis of extended contract pricing and warranty pricing. Mr. Sligay obtained a Master’s degree in Financial Mathematics from Wayne 

State University. He is currently employed at First Mercury Financial. 

Mr. Sligay will discuss the Actuarial profession in general and his professional experience as an actuary. He will also describe the trials, 

tribulations and rewards of being a Mathematics major at Kettering. A degree in Mathematics can lead to some interesting, lucrative 

professions – the actuary profession is one example. 

If you are interested in Mathematics – Please join us. Lunch will be served to the first 75 attendees

Monday, November 18, 2013 - 12:20pm
2-225 AB
Mathematics Department