Michigan National Guard to Visit Kettering

Michigan Army National Guard Officer
Lunch and Learn
Information Session

Anyone interested in learning about the National Guard.

Meet with Michigan Army National Guard Officers. Listen to them explain what the guard is, it's role in the community, state, and Nation. What it means and how to become a commissioned officer, where you can serve your community and state. How benefits such as tuition assistance, student loan repayment, low cost healthcare insurance may be available to you.

SHPE Meeting

Welcome to SHPE, A-Section Winter 2016! For this meeting, we will discuss the upcoming philanthropy drive, as well as playing a Hispanic/Latino Geography Game!

WKUF Open Mic Night

Come one, come all!

To WKUF's Open Mic Night where you are the performance!

Act, Sing (Good or Bad), Improv, Play an instrument, and much more!

Plus a chance to win prizes!

Event will run from 7 to 11 p.m. in BJ's Lounge

All students are welcome!


Anime Club is holding its own mini-Convention!

Our officers and members will host a number of games and activities during the evening. These include events like Jeopardy! Cosplay Battle! Dramatic Fan-Fiction reading, among others. Cosplay is encouraged and everyone is welcome.

It'll be another great night with food and friends.

And even some prizes!