What’s Consensual?

Consent can be tricky—often, situations don’t have right or wrong answers or cut and dry solutions—and talking about consent can be even trickier. In this workshop, we’ll open up some of those discussions about tricky situations and get discussion flowing on topics that are often left in the dark; and hopefully, we’ll have some fun while we’re at it!

Dinner will be catered!

Consent 101

What is sexual consent? Why do we need it? How do we get it? In this talk, Molly Barnard, Program Manager & Sexual Assault Advocate at UM – Flint, will answer these questions and lots more, demystifying consent for those who are unfamiliar with it and providing the ground-level knowledge needed to survive university life.

Lunch will be provided!

(Note: AB 1-817 is in the westernmost corner of the basement of the
Academic Building.)

Kettering Math Olympiad

In two convenient locations:

  • Kettering University Campus in Flint, MI
  • Kettering Fairmont High School in Kettering, OH

You’ve got skills! Math skills! Compete in the Kettering University Math Olympiad and challenge your equation know-how and computational skills on six mind-bending math equations.

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