Q:  Do I have to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to receive a scholarship?

A:  The FAFSA is required for need-based scholarships. 

Q:  How is the scholarship award determined?

A:  Applications are evaluated based on completeness, required GPA, and if the student meets and completes all of the scholarship requirements.  Students should submit a complete application that demonstrates why they deserve to receive a scholarship.  Every attempt is made to match students with the specific requirement for a scholarship fund.    Students may be awarded a scholarship for which they did not specifically apply.

Q:  Can I apply for more than one scholarship?

A:  Student’s may apply for as many scholarships for which they meet the eligibility requirements.  Please note:  due to the high demand for scholarship dollars, only one endowed scholarship per academic year, per student, may be awarded.

Q:  Will a scholarship affect my other financial aid awards?

A:  Student’s who are receiving federal, state or institutional need-based financial aid may have their financial aid awards reduced with the addition of a scholarship (total aid cannot exceed financial need and the cost of attendance at Kettering University).

Q:  What happens if I do not attend Kettering University for a semester that I was awarded a scholarship?

A:  The scholarship will be cancelled for the semester awarded.   The scholarship can only be used during the academic year that it was awarded.