Are you considering adding a biology foundation to your mathematics foundation?

By taking our Mathematical Biology concentration program, you will not only add valuable skills but you’ll also increase your career options in the fields of biostatistics, epidemiology, bioinformatics, ecology and biomathematics.

In this concentration in our Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics program, you will go in-depth to understand mathematical and statistical methods related to the modeling of complex biological systems.

In addition, you will learn how theoretical and numerical methods of solution can be applied to ordinary and partial differential equations and systems of equations arising in the following courses: General and Human Biology, Anatomy and Physiology and Ecology.

Why Kettering?

  • You want to take your math skills -- and job opportunities -- to a higher level with a foundation in biology.
  • In our Computer Mathematics Lab, you’ll design a better roller coaster, analyze predator-prey systems, and calculate the best path of descent for an airplane.
  • Faculty are researching topics include numerical analysis, high performance computing, probability distributions in reliability and risk, Gaussian processes and fields, mathematical biology and neuroscience.


New students will not be accepted into this program after October 5, 2021.