Applied and Computational Mathematics

Are you more interested in mathematics as it relates to science and engineering?

In our Applied and Computational Mathematics concentration program, you will study classical and modern mathematical topics focused on the scientific and engineering disciplines.

Your coursework will emphasize the modeling of physical systems from theoretical and practical perspectives as well as practical scientific computations. You will also get to select your own path through an application sequence of engineering, science, or computer science courses.

Students in this concentration receive a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics.

Why Kettering?

  • You want more to use your math skills in an engineering or scientific setting.
  • In our Computer Mathematics Lab, you’ll design a better roller coaster, analyze predator-prey systems, and calculate the best path of descent for an airplane.
  • Faculty are researching topics include numerical analysis, high performance computing, probability distributions in reliability and risk, Gaussian processes and fields, mathematical biology and neuroscience.


New students will not be accepted into this program after October 5, 2021.