Housing & Residence Life

Katie Bosio, Director, Residence Life

Fran Webster, Administrative Assistant

kbosio@kettering.edu; fwebster@kettering.edu, 810-762-9503

Thompson Hall

The Office of Residence Life, located in Frances Willson Thompson Hall, provides a comfortable living environment within the context of a group living and learning atmosphere.  Through student interaction and staff support, we provide information and support services to aid in the students’ adjustment to campus life.  Throughout the year, programs and activities are provided to help students develop leadership and human-relations skills while providing useful and fun complements to the academic demands of Kettering University. 

All new students to Kettering University are required to live in our residence hall for two full academic terms.  If a student secures a co-op position within or near the University, they also have the option of living in Thompson Hall as long as space is available.  Upper class students are encouraged to continue to reside in the residence hall during their time at Kettering.  Applications are completed online before the end of their winter or spring term.

Resident Assistants

There are seventeen different living units of students, each staffed with an upper class Resident Assistant.  The Resident Assistant (RA) is the primary source of information for students living in his/her unit.  Each RA is selected through a rigorous application process and training.  Students should get to know their RA and utilize their knowledge and experience to guide them through their first year at Kettering.  RAs are taught to handle emergency situations and are familiar with campus resources.

Move In Dates

When your student returns for his/her next academic term, the move in dates are:

A-Section Winter 2014,           Saturday or Sunday, January 11 or 12, 10 A.M. – 10 P.M.

B-Section Spring 2014            Saturday or Sunday, April 5 or 6, 10 A.M. - 10 P.M.


Laundry service is available in Thompson Hall on the basement level near the south end of the building. These self-service machines are operated with a Kettering ID card.  At the beginning of each term an allotted number of washes/dries or "swipes" is added to the ID card as part of the room plan.  Instructions on how to use the machines and card reader are in the laundry room. Additional swipes can be purchased at the front desk.  Users who have lost a swipe or had damage to personal items during the laundry process should contact the company directly for refunds or compensation for loss.  Contact information may be found on the laundry machines.

Thompson Hall Mail

Student mail for all students living in Thompson Hall should be sent to the following address:


Kettering University

Thompson Hall Room #

1700 University Ave.

Flint, MI  48504-6214

Packages that do not fit in a student’s Thompson Hall mailbox are held at Shipping and Receiving, 1-217 AB, 810-762-9590.

Maintenance or Custodial Issues

If a student experiences a maintenance or custodial issue in her/his room or unit in Thompson Hall, s/he must email reslife@kettering.edu to initiate a resolution.

Vacation Periods

Students may not occupy rooms during vacation periods unless approved by the Director of Residence Life.  No rooms may be occupied during the breaks after Fall and Spring term.


Storage space for student property is available only to those students under contract or application with the Department of Residence Life.  Residents are limited to a total of eighteen (18) cubic feet of total storage space per person. This space is 3 feet tall, 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep. This space is reserved for, and limited to, boxes luggage, trunks and other items as deemed appropriate by the trunk storage contract.  Preference is given to out-of-state students.


Any resident of Thompson Hall may have a maximum of two (2) guests in his or her company, regardless of their gender, at any one time. During their stay in the hall, guests must be escorted in the building by the resident at all times. The resident is responsible for the behavior of their guests while on campus.

Guest Housing/Overnight Guests

Guests may not be housed for extended periods of time (more than three [3] consecutive days) in the host(s) room, except upon written permission of the Department of Residence Life. Guests may reside in an available room at a charge of forty dollars ($40) nightly with linens provided, or thirty dollars ($30) nightly without linens.  Students must provide 7 days advance notice.

Overnight guests are subject to the guest policy as well as the following additional guidelines:

1) All guests must register at the Thompson Hall front desk, or if the desk is closed with the RA on Duty

2) All guests must submit a state issued photo identification to be copied by the staff.

3) Guests eighteen (18) and over may stay in the resident’s room.

4) Guests between the ages of 16 and 18 may stay overnight only in guest housing. Letters from the parents of both the resident and the guest must be on file with an advance reservation for the guest room

Living off campus

After a student completes their first two academic terms at Kettering University, they have the option of living off campus.  A number of options are available; local apartment complexes including Campus Village Apartments located across from the campus center; private rental homes and houses owned by fraternities and sororities located near the campus.  We recommend students seeking off-campus housing consider these questions when seeking off-campus housing:

  • Ask the current renters: How responsive is the landlord to answering your concerns? Have they felt safe in the house?
  • Look at the window and door locks - are they all functioning properly? - Are there 2 functioning locks on all doors - deadbolt and doorknob? - When was the last time the locks were changed?
  • Do you have functioning smoke detectors throughout the house (including 1 per sleeping room)?
  • Are there carbon-monoxide detectors? More information on carbon-monoxide.
  • Do they provide adequate fire extinguishers?
  • Check out the lighting around the property - is it well lit?
  • How long is your commute - when you walk will you feel secure?
  • If you plan on walking to and from class will your housemates be willing to walk with you?
  • Are all the shrubs and bushes trimmed down and not creating "hiding spots"?
  • Are there 2 methods of egress from each sleeping room? Bars on windows are not a good option.
  • Are there signs advertising that it is a rental house? Such signs make you a theft target.
  • Is there secure parking?
  • Does the house have an alarm system?


The Student Life office provides guidance regarding choosing off-campus housing.  Students should contact Debbie Stewart, Director of Student Life programs, for further information.  She may be reached at 810-762-9679 or dstewart@kettering.edu