Zelpha McKinnon Wellness Center

Campus Center – First Floor

Business Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 AM-4:30 PM

810-762-9650 - wellness@kettering.edu

Cristina Reed, MA, LPC, Interim Director of Wellness Center

Prudence Croom-Larry, BHSM, MHA/ED, Wellness Coordinator

24/7 Crisis Counseling:  855-774-4700

Suicide Prevention Hotline – 800-273-TALK (24/7/365)

ULifeline – www.ulifeline.org – online mental health resource

Health, Medical, Counseling, Disability, & Insurance Services

We encourage students to pursue their highest potential for well-being so they may fulfill their academic, professional, and personal aspirations.  Our goals are:

  • To help students maintain their health and avoid interruption of their educational experience so they may achieve their academic success and career goals.
  • To provide access to affordable health care services so students may pursue their academic goals without interruption.
  • To provide an educational health care environment in which students may learn to participate in self care and make healthy lifestyle choices.

On-Campus Medical Services

A licensed practical nurse is available during regular business hours. Students may drop in during business hours or call ahead to make an appointment. Services and programs include:

  • Treatment of minor ailments and injuries (such as scrapes, colds, flu, minor injuries)
  • Referrals for physician treatment
  • Advise on effective self-care and wellbeing

When appropriate, our LPN will refer students to a physician; either their personal physician or our affiliates at McLaren Family Medicine Center, located less than two miles from campus. Kettering University Campus Safety unit will provide transportation to students at no cost.  (See Off-Campus Medical Services, below.)

Off-Campus Medical Services

McLaren Family Medicine Center - An Affiliate of Kettering University

3230 Beecher Road, Suite #1

Flint, MI 48532


Business Hours:          8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Monday, Wednesday, Friday

                                    8:00 A.M. – 6:30 P.M., Tuesday, Thursday

Acute Care Hours:      12:30-1:15 P.M., Monday-Friday (Drop-in; first-come, first-served)


All students, whether referred by the Wellness Center or self-referred, may utilize the services of McLaren Family Medicine Center physicians by making an appointment (on their own or through the Wellness Center) or dropping by the Acute Care Clinic during the posted hours.  McLaren will bill students’ insurance companies and coordinate insurance benefits and referrals for treatment.  Students must present their Kettering ID and health insurance cards at each visit.  Students are responsible for co-payments and uncovered costs.

Counseling Services

Counselors are available on campus to assist students in their growth and development as individuals. We provide individual counseling to students who experience psychological, behavioral, or learning difficulties; whenever they occur.  Counselors can help with include a variety of personal issues, including:

  • Relationship conflicts
  • Stress and/or other emotional difficulties
  • Grief and loss
  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Transition to college life
  • Harassing and bullying

On-campus counselors are available by appointment. Students may drop by or call the Wellness Center to make one.

Ulliance - 855-774-4700 – An Affiliate of Kettering University

The Zelpha McKinnon Wellness Center has developed a partnership with Ulliance, a national leader in providing mental health services, to create a Student Assistance Program (SAP) that is accessible to students and their parents, wherever they are located.  This Student Assistance Program provides confidential assistance to you and your student at no cost. Some of the issues the SAP can help with include:

  • Relationship conflicts
  • Stress and other emotional conditions
  • Grief and loss
  • Family dynamics
  • Alcohol and other drug use
  • Personal crises
  • Legal issues
  • Financial matters
  • Child care resources

Students and their parents may call Ulliance at any time and from any location to speak directly with a licensed mental health specialist.  Where appropriate, a Ulliance counselor may recommend multiple telephone counseling sessions or refer a student to a local mental health specialist for short-term, solutions-oriented counseling.  This counseling may take place during academic terms, while the student resides in the Flint area, or on work terms, wherever the student is located.  (Ulliance has affiliates throughout the United States.)  These counseling sessions are provided at no cost to students. 

ULifeline.org – An affiliate of Kettering University

Kettering students may also access Ulifeline.org, an online resource that provides extensive information about personal crises, grief, loss, and many other topics.

24/7-365 Crisis Counseling

Ulliance:  855-774-4700

Our Student Assistance Program also provides 24/7 crisis counseling for students and their parents.  Students in crisis, or parents who suspect their student is in crisis, may call the SAP at any time, whether on campus or on co-op assignments elsewhere.  

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  800-273-TALK

Students in crisis—and their parents--whether on campus or on a co-op assignment elsewhere—may utilize the Suicide Prevention Hotline at all times. 

Community Resources

The following agencies provide supplementary health care information and services to Kettering students:

Genesee County Health Department – (810) 257-3612

            Sexually Transmitted Diseases/Venereal Diseases/HIV, Family Planning,   Immunization Clinics

YWCA – (810) 238-7621

            Domestic Violence Safe House - 238-7621 

Genesee Health Systems, (810) 257-3705

            Outpatient counseling for adults and children.

Disability Services

Kettering University provides disability services in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act (1990) and its amendments, along with state and local regulations regarding students, employees, and applicants with disabilities. Under these laws, no qualified individual with a disability shall be denied access to participation in services, programs, and/or activities at Kettering University.  In carrying out Kettering‘s policy regarding disabled members of our community, we recognize mobility, sensory, medical, psychological, and learning disabilities.  We attempt to provide reasonable accommodations for these disabilities for all students who meet the criteria described in the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

Any Kettering student who has been diagnosed with a physical, medical, psychological, or learning disability, or suspects that s/he may have one, must contact the Wellness Center.  The staff will evaluate the required documentation in support of the claim of disability and make an assessment of a student‘s needs on a case-by-case basis.  The Wellness Center will then arrange accommodations for the appropriate services necessary to meet the legal requirements, as required by law.  The Center will inform faculty and staff who may be responsible for providing the services and/or accommodations.  Each term, students must meet with each professor to arrange individual accommodations.

Comprehensive information about Disability Services, and our documentation requirements, may be found at http://www.kettering.edu/current-students/student-life/wellness-center/disability-services


We are not permitted, by law, to disclose any medical information to a parent or guardian without the consent of the student unless the student is mentally incapacitated or threatens to harm him/herself or someone else. When parents call us with a concern, we contact the student directly to request permission to speak with you. If a student wishes to share medical information with their parents, including that related to mental health counseling, they must complete and submit to the Wellness Center a Release of Information, which may be downloaded at the Wellness Center website.

Student Health Insurance

Good health is a necessary condition of academic success. To help our students maintain theirs, Kettering University requires all enrolled students carry health insurance. This requirement may help prevent your student’s academic progress from being interrupted, halted or seriously impaired if s/he becomes injured or sick.

This requirement can be met in two ways. Students may purchase their own insurance, either as an individual or as a dependent on their parents’ coverage. A second option is to purchase Kettering University’s Student Health Insurance Plan, available through AIG Educational Markets, at a cost of $1,260.00 for one year’s coverage, July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014.  (The cost of the Kettering insurance plan may vary from year to year). 

All new students enrolling in Summer Term (A-section) must complete the online health insurance verification process by July 31, 2013. Students who fail to complete the verification by that deadline will automatically be enrolled in the Kettering University Student Health Insurance Plan at a cost of $1,260.00 for the academic year. No exceptions will be made.  (Note that Kettering neither benefits financially from this process nor may legally verify health insurance coverage.  Only insurers may do so.)

Students may complete the verification process by visiting the Health Insurance page on the Wellness Center web site at www.kettering.edu/wellness-center and clicking on the AIG logo. It will take you directly to the AIG Educational Markets website for Kettering University students (www.studentinsurance.com/schools/mi/kettering). New students must create an account using their Kettering log-in information. The site contains comprehensive instructions on on how to verify your insurance.

If your student needs to purchase the Kettering University health insurance, no action need be taken.  Your student’s account will be billed automatically.

You may direct questions regarding Kettering University’s Health Insurance Plan to AIG customer service at 888-722-1668.  Direct questions related to the verification to the Wellness Center at 810-762-9650 or via email:  wellness@kettering.edu

Recreation Services

Mike Schaal, Director of Recreation Services

mschaal@kettering.edu – 810-762-9733



Recreation Services provides facilities and programs to meet the recreational interests of the Kettering University community.  Opportunities exist to practice and learn skills which lead to a healthy and satisfying life style.  Numerous competitive and cooperative activities provide an ideal environment to test one’s skills and value system.  Specific attention is devoted to addressing students’ needs and balancing the academic rigor for which Kettering University is known.

Recreation Services programs and facilities are rooted in student ability and desire.  Students are employed to operate facilities and conduct programs.  Kettering University students use the recreational opportunities as a stress release mechanism and as a means to fitness. 

Connie & Jim John Recreation Center

The Recreation Center opened in August of 1995.  It features an open multi-sports forum with both wood and synthetic flooring.  It includes five volleyball courts or four basketball courts or two tennis courts.  This area is also used for indoor soccer, the semi-annual graduation ceremonies, and the First Robotics competition. Other amenities include:  three racquetball/wallyball courts; one squash court; a 1/8 mile suspended jogging track; locker rooms; steam rooms; 25 yard six-lane pool; spa; group exercise room; fitness room with exercise equipment; weight room featuring Cybex equipment; equipment issue area.  The facility is used for formal recreational sports programs (intramurals), informal recreation activities, fitness programs and other Kettering University events. 

Intramural Sports

We offer a variety of traditional and non-traditional intramural sports.  These activities are offered in competitive and recreational league formats as well as men’s, women’s and co-ed divisions.  The sports are intended to provide social interaction through friendly competition.

A Section Summer               A-Section Winter

Crim Festival of Races           Basketball

Joints in Motion Race             Indoor Soccer

Golf                                         Billiards

Women’s Volleyball                Racquetball

Flag Football                           Volleyball

Sand Volleyball                       Wiffleball Home Run Derby

Softball                                    Innertube Water Polo

Soccer                                    Tennis



B-Section Fall                        B-Section Spring

Basketball                               Bowling

Billiards                                    Golf

Flag Football                           Outdoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer                         Sand Volleyball

Racquetball                             Softball

Dodgeball                                Innertube Water Polo

Table Tennis                           Volleyball


Tennis                                     Wiffleball Home Run Derby