As a service to Kettering University students, the University provides the opportunity for individuals, companies, and firms to publicize available off-campus housing. The University does not investigate, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of any listed referrals, the quality of the facility listed, or the listed individuals, companies, or firms. The University does not investigate, endorse, or guarantee the suitability of those who respond to the listings. Users of this service communicate and contract with each other individually and at their own risk. The University and employees of Kettering University are not liable for any actions occurring as a result of arrangements made between users of this service or for any errors or omissions made in compilation or printing of the listings.

All new students at Kettering University must live on campus in our residence hall, Thompson Hall, for their first two academic terms and carry a full board plan. Upon completion of your first year at Kettering, we encourage upper-class students to reside in Thompson Hall or to find other housing accommodations.

Students have the freedom to choose their housing option after their first year on campus.  While we prefer that students choose Thompson Hall, Campus Village Apartments, or Greek Life some students may choose to reside in private housing.  If you choose private housing we strongly recommend that you do the following:

  • Ask the current renters: How responsive is the landlord to answering your concerns? Have they felt safe in the house?
  • Look at the window and door locks - are they all functioning properly? - Are there 2 functioning locks on all doors - deadbolt and doorknob? - When was the last time the locks were changed?
  • Do you have functioning smoke detectors throughout the house (including 1 per sleeping room)?
  • Are there carbon-monoxide detectors? More information on carbon-monoxide.
  • Do they provide adequate fire extinguishers?
  • Check out the lighting around the property - is it well lit?
  • How long is your commute - when you walk will you feel secure?
  • If you plan on walking to and from class will your housemates be willing to walk with you?
  • Are all the shrubs and bushes trimmed down and not creating "hiding spots"?
  • Are there 2 methods of egress from each sleeping room? Bars on windows are not a good option.
  • Are there signs advertising that it is a rental house? Such signs make you a theft target.
  • Is there secure parking?
  • Does the house have an alarm system?