Important Numbers

  • Outside Line -- Dial 6
  • Employee or Students On Campus -- Dial ext. (4 digit)
  • Long Distance --Dial Access 1-800 # provided on the calling card you purchase
  • AT & T -- 1-(800) CALL-ATT
  • Ameritech --1-(800) AMERITECH
  • MCI -- 1-(800) 888-8000
  • Sprint --1-(800) 877-8000

Emergency Numbers

Emergency or Campus Safety  Dial ext. 9501

Tips for Successful Dialing

Before making a second call, make sure to hang up the receiver for at least 6 seconds (to clear line) and then dial your next number. If you do not wait 6 seconds your original call goes on hold and reverts to the Kettering Auto Answer System.

Free Services offered to residents of Thompson Hall

  • Local Calls -- Dial 6 + number
  • Toll Free Calls -- Dial 6 + 1 + 8 + number
  • Use of the telephone number assigned to your room
  • Do not sign up for any services using any Kettering telephones or extension numbers.

Long Distance Calling

The only way to make long distance calls from your Thompson Hall room is through the use of a calling card. You are welcome to use any calling card you choose as long as it has a toll free access number and your home phone and address is used as the billing numbers.

Do not attempt to change the long distance carrier on your Thompson Hall phones. These phones are restricted from direct dialing of long distance and do not have a long distance carrier.

Kettering University is not currently participating with any calling card programs. Should we acquire a new calling card program, we will make you aware of the opportunities it may offer.

Telephone Restrictions

Personal 800, Voice Mail Services and Long Distance Carrier

Please don't contract for Personal 800 and Voicemail services using your Thompson Hall telephone. These services have been blocked from Kettering University phones. The services available for your Thompson Hall telephone are local and toll free calling only. Any other services are not authorized.  Please do not sign up for any services using your Kettering University telephone or equipment.

Under no circumstances are you to contract with any Long Distance Carrier or Calling Card Company using any Kettering phone number as the billing number. 

Failure to adhere to these policies will not be tolerated and you will be held responsible for any charges or consequences incurred as a result.

Operator Assisted Long Distance calls

Telephone calls that originate from Thompson Hall that impose a cost are not authorized and will be billed to the originator. Operator assisted calls are not authorized. Long distance calls can only be made using the calling card of your choice as long as the access number is toll free and your home phone and address are used as the billing address.

Collect Calls

Thompson Hall Residents are not authorized to accept collect calls for any reason!

Modem Usage Guidelines

It has come to our attention that modems are being used in Thompson Hall for internet access. This is acceptable as long as it does not occur between the normal Kettering University business hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. This type of calling decreases the efficiency of our telephone system due to the long connect times occupying our business lines. Therefore, modem use from Thompson Hall will be permitted only after business hours. Please limit your use of the modem numbers to non-business hours only. If we detect long connect time calls from Thompson Hall during business hours in the future, we will be forced to block all ISP access numbers


The monthly phone bills are monitored very closely to ensure that any services the student may procure are properly billed to the student and not to Kettering University.

Threatening, Obscene, Nuisance, or Harassment Calls

"Michigan State Law (Public Act No. 328 of 1969) prohibits the use of telephone communication for these types of calls and provides that any person in violation of this statute may be imprisoned for not more than 6 months, or fined not more than $500.00, or both."

If you receive a call in any of the above categories, record the following information:

  1. The exact time of the call.
  2. The duration of the call.
  3. The telephone number on which you received the call.
  4. What was said by the caller.
  5. Any background noises, echoes, etc.

Immediately report the above information to Kettering Campus Safety at ext. 9501.

Questions - Call the Help Desk - ext. 8324 or email