Packing Suggestions

What to Bring

Casual, comfortable, school-appropriate clothing. Pants and closed-toe shoes for labs and field trips. Dress clothes for church-if you'd like to attend-and the LITE Banquet on the last day of the program. Robe and slippers (restrooms and showers are at the end of the hall). Work-out clothes and a swim suit to wear at our Recreation Center. A backpack to carry course materials and to use as a daypack on field trips and social outings. (Laundry facilities and soap are available.)

Calculator. Telephone. (All dorm rooms are equipped with a telephone jack.) You may bring a laptop computer, although we cannot be responsible for loss or damage.

Bring a set of extra-long, twin-sized bed linens and towels.

Long Distance Calling Card
Only local calls can be made from campus phones without one.

Alarm clock. You may also bring a radio and/or stereo. We don't recommend you bring a television. There's little time to watch and they are available throughout our campus.

Snacks and beverages
All meals are provided, although you may want to bring along some snacks. (All dorm rooms feature a refrigerator and microwave oven.)

Spending money
We cover all program costs, including meals and field trip expenses, but you'll want some cash for souvenirs, etc.

What Not to Bring

Pillow, blanket
We'll provide them to you at no cost.

Expensive belongings
We can't be responsible for them.

Cooking appliances
They're not permitted in the dorm.

Cigarettes, alcohol, or other controlled substances
Possession of these items will result in immediate expulsion from the LITE Program and immediate removal from Kettering University's campus, at your own expense.