Name:  Ray Hyder          

Position: Senior Representative

 What activities are/were you involved in at Kettering and in high school?

•             President of Beta Theta Pi (2012)

•             Vice President of RealService (2012)

•             RHA Representative (2010-2011)

•             Freshman representative Student Senate (2011)

•             Active in Aquaneers club (2010-2012)

•             Active in Dance Club (2011)

What is the one trait you want people to know you for?

The one trait I want people to know me for is trustworthy. I would like to be able to have people be able to depend on me without worry. I enjoy when people are able to trust me and talk to me honestly because they trust me.

What is your favorite quote/saying(s)?

 “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of becoming”

-John Wooden

What do you think can be improved at Kettering and what steps will you take to accomplish this improvement?

Communication of “what to do when ____” could be improved upon. I have found that most of the time students (including me) will either let something be that could be better if addressed, or not go and be proactive because they don’t know the proper procedure. The steps I will take to accomplish this improvement is to find out some of the questions that students have then create a forum of answers.

What has been your biggest success and failure? What have you learned from them?

My biggest success has been becoming president of Beta Theta Pi while being on Dean’s List my entire time at Kettering. It has been a major accomplishment for me to become President after only 1 full active term as a member of Beta Theta Pi and then still being on Dean’s List having 20 credit terms and running this chapter of Beta Theta Pi.

What is your motivation for wanting to represent the student body via Student Senate?

My motivation is that I can know about some of the major changes and decisions that are being considered by the school and have direct input on them, while being able to voice the opinions of others. It is an awesome and humbling feeling to have a say on decisions that can affect the entire student life on campus.