1. Attend as many of the scheduled recruitment events from as many different chapters as you can, so you can get a feel for which chapter you have common ground with.
  2. Go on the National Websites to see what their National organization is all about.
  3. Talk to other “rushees” to get a sense of who may be interested in the same chapter you are interested in. These people could potentially be in your new member class.
  4. If you have questions, feel free to go to the Greek Life Office in Student Life - 3rd Floor of the Campus Center or at 810-762-9743. Contact Myra Lumpkin, mlumpkin@kettering.edu
  5. If you receive multiple bids, carefully consider each Chapter before deciding on which one seems to fit you best.
  6. Make up your own mind. You need to make the decision that is right for you, regardless of what other people might say or feel, and regardless of who your friends decide to join. (You can still be friends, even if you’re in a different fraternity/sorority).