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Residence Life Judicial Affairs

Residence Life Judicial Affairs

Students who violate Thompson Hall regulations may be subject to a Residence Life Judicial Board. This board comprised of students who live in Thompson Hall, has the authority to hear cases, make decisions, and impose sanctions on students who violate the Kettering Code of Student Conduct within the residence hall.

Policies and procedures for the Residence Life Judicial Board are described in the University’s Guide to Residence Life and the Guide to Residence Life section in the Guide for New Students, published annually. Serious violations, as determined by the Director of Residence Life, will be referred to the Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students. These cases typically involve violations of public safety laws and/or activities that have the potential to result in bodily harm.

The Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students will refer the case to a designated Judicial Officer, who will conduct a hearing and render a decision, according to the Judicial Affairs procedures outlined below. Some cases may warrant interim suspension. In such cases, the Judicial Officer will make that recommendation to the Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students, who has the authority to impose interim suspension. If the Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students is not available, authority passes to a designate.

When a violation of the Kettering Code of Student Conduct occurs, a Thompson Hall staff member completes an incident report and issues a pre-hearing notice to the student[s] involved. The incident report will be referred to the Judicial Officer within three (3) days of the occurrence. In some cases, a referral to the Wellness Center may be warranted. If so, students will be required to fulfill all prescriptions recommended by Wellness Center staff, including referrals to outside resources for assessment and/or treatment. (NOTE: Outside referrals will likely result in expenses that are the student’s responsibility.)

The Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students may impose any of the sanctions available for violations of the Kettering Code of Student Conduct, including suspension and expulsion. An explanation of these sanctions, and students’ rights to appeal, are outlined below.

Residence Hall Suspension

Students may be suspended from the residence hall for a specified period of time, following guilty findings for a variety of ethical and/or behavioral breaches of the Code of Student Conduct. Students may be required to meet specified conditions for readmission to the residence hall.

Residence Hall Expulsion

Students may be expelled from the residence hall for a variety of reasons, including serious and/or habitual offenses.

Residence Life Judicial Affairs Appeals

Any student who has been sanctioned through the Kettering University Judicial Affairs and/or Residence Life Judicial Affairs processes has the right to appeal to the Vice President of Student Life & Dean of Students. Students who have been expelled shall have a final appeal to the President of Kettering University. All appeals must be made in writing within five working days of notification of the results of the hearing, and must state the grounds upon which the appeal is based.