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Resources for Students

Resources for Students

Your Instructors

Kettering University faculty pride themselves on their accessibility and their willingness to work with students so they succeed.  The better you get to know them, and they get to know you, the more likely you are to succeed.

At the beginning of each term, make an appointment to talk with your instructors or visit them during their posted office hours.  Ask them to clarify their expectations regarding academic performance.

If you encounter difficulties at any time during the term, speak with your instructors.  Let them know you are struggling with their material and ask for help.

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center  (ASC) offers a variety of services aimed at helping students succeed:

Academic Coaching:  Professional staff members in ASC will help you identify best study behaviors, improve study skills, organize your time, and manage the workflow in a way that is consistent with your academic and personal goals.  In addition, academic coaches are available to help you get back on track if you find yourself facing barriers while working toward completion of your degree.  Students may make an appointment to consult with an academic coach by stopping by the Academic Success Center, located on the third floor of the Academic Building, or by calling (810) 762-9775. 

Tutoring:  ASC employs upper-class students with expertise in specific subjects.  Peer Tutors provide personalized individual and group tutoring and lead weekly study sessions. Tutoring can help those that want to maintain an A in the class just as much as those that are struggling with their course work. Tutoring is offered in two locations – in room 3-342 AB and in Unit 14 of the Thompson Residence Hall. To find out current tutoring hours, visit the Academic Success Center or visit the website under Academic Resources and Tutoring.

Writing Assistance: The Writing Center within the ASC offers assistance with all writing needs, from on-going course work to the culminating thesis experience. Professionals within the Center offer individualized tutoring as well as editing services both face-to-face and online.


Kettering University’s library contains several guides to citing sources that will aid students in properly citing the words and ideas of others.  Contact a librarian or visit “Using the Linrary-Citing Sources”.  Librarians provide assistance to students at all levels regarding research and other projects.  They help direct students—in person, via email, telephone, and through chat line--to many different types of resources. Visit their website for how to obtain information on resources you may use to produce excellent papers and projects.

Sleep & Recreation

Stress management experts agree academic and personal success depends to a large extent on balancing work, rest, and recreation.  Research shows well-rested students outperform tired ones, regardless of time spent preparing for exams, writing papers, or fulfilling other academic assignments.  In fact, students who pull “all-nighters” to complete papers or study for exams are more likely to have a lower GPA than those who sleep seven to eight hours a night.  Fatigue also limits students’ ability to absorb information they hear in class, increasing the time needed to learn new concepts.

Take a break!  Work out at the Recreation Center, join an intramural team, get involved in student groups, volunteer.  Each day at Kettering, the Events Calendar lists all types of activities that provide opportunities for taking a break from your academic work.  

Wellness Center & Student Assistance Program

The Wellness Center provides one-on-one, on campus counseling for students faced with personal and family situations that inhibit their ability to succeed academically.  Contact the Wellness Center, located on the first floor of the Campus Center, by stopping by, calling (810) 762-9650, or sending an email to

Our Student Assistance Program provides 24/7 counseling (including crisis counseling) and advice for personal, academic, financial, and legal issues students often confront during their college years.  Student Assistance Program resources include interventions, counseling, life coaching, and resource referrals.  Students may access this Student Assistance Program by calling 1-855-774-4700 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

Wellness Center and Student Assistance Program services are provided at no cost to enrolled students.  All services are completely confidential; no information about counseling sessions will be shared with anyone else at Kettering University, or with family members or friends without the express permission of the student.