Academic Integrity & Succeeding Under Pressure

Academic success at Kettering University requires students to do a great deal of work within a term, and assignments can mount up quickly as the weeks progress.  Students must juggle homework, exams, papers, and projects, as well as the demands of everyday life.  Our expectation that all students excel academically places significant demands on your time and requires personal commitment and self-discipline. 

Occasionally, you may feel overwhelmed by the demands of academic success and be tempted to achieve it by violating principles of academic integrity; for example, by cheating, plagiarizing, fabricating results, etc.  Such misconduct is unacceptable and may have consequences ranging from a failed assignment, to a failed course, to an academic dismissal. These violations will likely compromise your academic careers, your cooperative employment, and your professional opportunities, and are unbecoming of a Kettering student.

Kettering provides many resources to help you achieve academic success, despite the rigors of the program. Take advantage of these resources to help you manage your time and workload, as well as to develop work-life balance habits that will lead to your success.