For Property Owners

Registering with the Kettering  University Off-Campus Housing Program allows you to:

  • Advertise your available units and properties to students;
  • Use our lease forms and inventory checklists; and
  • Access our free conflict resolution and mediation services for property owners and tenants.

Registration Requirements

  • Rental properties must comply with all applicable city and state ordinances.
  • All leases, whether private or a University-provided lease, must contain the mandatory lease clauses.
  • You must agree to comply with all city, state and federal non-discrimination laws. Compliance is subject to verification by the Fair Housing Center of Genesee County.
  • You may only register and/or advertise units that you own or manage or for which you are the designated Realtor.
  • The Kettering University Off-Campus Housing Program has the right to refuse or terminate your registration based on the Property Owner Eligibility and Registration Review Policy.