Course Delivery

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Last Updated: March 17

Virtualization Support for University Software and Specialized Laboratories

Over the past several years, Kettering has made signiicant investments in software, hardware, networks and Kettering Global. Together these support ubiquitous computing and virtual course delivery across the University, and are now also available to support remote learning and remote work.

A 60-second introductory video explaining how to use these resources may be found at:  and a list of Kettering software available from anywhere in the world may be found at:  

The Kettering Virtual Private Network (VPN)

The Kettering VPN allows remote access to Kettering network drives,  Banner Administrative Tools, and Evisions products  such as Argos, Intellicheck, and FormFusion.  VPN can be used to connect from offsite to your work machine, or simply access enterprise resources. If you have all of the software you need to do your work installed on your computer, VPN is the better choice. Learn more about VPN.


If the software you need to do your work is NOT installed on your computer, KUCloud is the best choice.  KUCloud is a virtualized computing cluster and supercomputer that is accessed using a virtual desktop app you run on the device of your choice. When you use KUCloud, the software runs on the cluster, not on your machine. Only a remote desktop app runs on your device, so you can use the software on KUCloud from any device that supports the app - and many kinds of machines and tablets do. Want to run advanced CAD software on an iPad? You can with KUCloud.

In addirtion, in support of this period of virtual course delivery, a number of specialized campus computer labs (like the GL Computing lab in the AB)  have also been temporarily converted to virtual desktops using the capabilities of KUCloud. This means you can use these computers remotely, just like you were in the lab.   Learn more about which labs are available and how to access them through KUcloud.

Resources for Telecommuting and Remote Work

Information on technology resources, services, and equipment to enable the success of Kettering University's  distributed workforce and learning community may be found on Bulldog Central’s Employees Working Remotely web page or this help sheet.

If you need IT support for an issue related to telecommuting or remote work, please contact the technology Help Desk with any questions or for assistance with using remote technology at (810) 237-8324 or