The COVID-19 Response Team continues to work with Genesee County Public Health Department and with the Office of the President to adapt to the situation as it evolves and to provide our community with the most current information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

If cases of COVID-19 are identified within the campus community, the University is using protocols we have established and that are outlined in our Return to Campus Playbook to identify potential exposure, to contact trace and to quarantine impacted individuals.

Due to privacy and other concerns, not all details of the University’s response to a particular incident will be made public, but we are committed to providing our community with timely and current information as appropriate regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on our campus. Private communications provide additional information to individuals who have had direct contact (defined as less than 6 feet for 15 minutes or more) with a positive individual(s) as identified through contact tracing.

The University is fully committed to the health and safety of its entire community and will continue to closely monitor this situation and any others that impact our campus.

To help slow the spread of COVID-19, members of the University community are required to wear mask while on campus, maintain social distancing of at least six feet, and practice good hygiene such as washing one’s hands regularly. Additional resources are available at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Below is information related to ongoing COVID-19 testing the University is offering for free to all students, staff and faculty through Helix Diagnostics. Testing is done on scheduled dates as well as on-demand as the University identifies potential situations requiring additional testing.

The number of tests performed does include some individuals who tested more than once. Testing dates are listed below, and as results are officially received (typically 3-5 business days), the charts will be updated. Not included in the charts are self-reported tests or testing done by individuals who have elected to be tested elsewhere.

COVID-19 Tests Per Day - Students and Faculty/Staff

COVID-19 Cases - Students and Faculty/Staff

Pie chart is visual representation of table below. As test results are official, chart will be updated.

Student, Faculty and Staff Proactive Community Testing Summary




*Individual was retested and remains positive

Prior to July 13

  • Prior to the start of Summer Term, one faculty member self-reported and another tested positive. Both faculty self-quarantined and had no interaction with students or classrooms on campus.

July 24

  • An off-campus student self-reported possible COVID-19 symptoms. The student is awaiting test results and is isolating. As a precaution, two Greek houses are currently in quarantine. While in quarantine, they will not be allowed on campus but will continue all coursework virtually. All members of the houses will be required to be tested prior to returning to campus. UPDATE: Testing on all Greek life housing on July 28 and July 30 by the University resulted in all negatives (total of 248 students tested on both days).

July 27

  • A faculty member who tested positive on July 8 by University prior to Summer Term beginning was retested on July 27 per University policy before being able to return and tested positive again and will remain self-quarantined. UPDATE: Faculty member retested on Aug. 3 and result was negative (Aug. 6).

July 29

  • A new faculty member who tested positive in June by personal physician prior to Summer Term beginning was retested on July 29 per University policy before being able to return and tested positive again and will remain self-quarantined.

July 31

  • An off-campus student with COVID-19 symptoms was tested at the Wellness Center. UPDATE: Results received on Aug. 5 were positive. That student is in self-isolation and not allowed on campus until after receiving a follow-up test with a negative result.

August 5

  • An off-campus student self-reported with COVID-19 symptoms and was tested at the Wellness Center. The student and roommates are in self-isolation and not allowed on campus pending results of the test.