B Section/Spring Term 

Last Updated: March 24, 2020

Detailed Timeline of Changes to the Spring Term Schedule  

Effective Immediately

  • Students are not exempted from the Governor’s stay-at-home order, therefore while it is in effect (12:01 a.m., March 24 – April 13):

    • Students, other than those approved to reside in Thompson Hall, will not be permitted on campus. Exceptions to this must be approved in writing by the President or the Dean of Students.

    • All student activity centers, e.g. the SAE Garage, t-Space, etc. are closed and no access by students will be permitted.

Between Today and April 6

  • Residence halls will close March 28.  

    • Students approved to reside on campus will be supported as usual in our residence halls and dining facilities until that date.

  • Any student needing to remain on campus in Thompson Hall after March 28 must obtain explicit written approval to do so from the Dean of Students. Students should contact the Office of Student Life (or the Office of International Programs for international students) to obtain this authorization. 

  • After March 28 and through the break, a reduced meal service will be available to those authorized to stay in Thompson Hall, although service hours will be limited. Meals will be provided to-go only.

  • Under specific provisions of the Governor’s stay-at-home order, the campus will continue to operate on a limited basis, but most University buildings will be closed.

April 6 – May 1: Week 1-4 of Spring Term 2020 

  • Spring term will begin as scheduled on April 6.

  • All course content will be delivered virtually during this period.

  • Last day to add or drop courses for the term will be April 15.

  • Last day for course withdrawal for partial refund will be May 10.

  • No later than Monday, April 20, we will communicate the decision to further extend virtual delivery in the term or to transition to face-to-face on campus delivery on May 4.

    • If we return to on-campus delivery on May 4:

      • Thompson Hall will reopen to returning students on May 3. 

      • On-campus delivery under our regular schedule will resume on May 4.

    • If we do not return to face-to-face delivery on May 4:

      • Virtual delivery will continue until a return to campus is reasonable and prudent, lacking assurance of which we will commit to delivering instruction virtually for the remainder of the term.

  • Under specific provisions of the Governor’s stay-at-home order, the campus will continue to operate on a limited basis, but most University buildings will be closed while the order is in effect. Our University will remain open during this period and our operations will continue with appropriate measures to protect the health of all on our campus and in our community. 

Detailed Course Delivery Schedule by Week

Week 1 (April 6-10) Academic Preparation Week

  • Delivery during this period will be virtual only.

  • Assignments in the first week will be substantive and count toward the term credit. 

  • Course syllabi, including a detailed course plans, course expected outcomes, and other relevant course information will be uploaded to the Blackboard no later than April 4. 

  • Class activities will be held during the scheduled class (and lab) times.

  • No exams or quizzes will be administered during the first week and no homework or projects will be assigned during the first week.

Week 2-4 (April 13-May 1) Regular Course Schedule

  • Delivery during this period will be virtual only.

  • During this period labs will be conducted via simulation on KUCloud (kucloud.kettering.edu) or other alternative methods. 

  • Lectures will be delivered synchronously using the Bb/Collaborate platform.

  • Class activities will be held during the scheduled class (and lab) times.

  • Student Support services will be delivered virtually.

    • The Registrar’s Office will provide remote help for students’ registration issues, drop/add requests, and other requests related to student record management. (810) 762-9775 or academicsuccess@kettering.edu

    • The Academic Success Center (ASC) will continue to engage students and address their needs in advising, ADA accommodation, etc. (810) 762-7476 or registrar@kettering.edu

    • The Office of International Program (OIP) will continue to manage international student affairs, travel related requests and issues, study abroad preparation, and international partnership management. (810) 762-9869 or international@kettering.edu

    • The Library will continue to provide support to faculty and students in accessing library resources virtually including electronic textbooks. (810) 762-7814 or library@kettering.edu 

Beyond May 1 

Week 5 (May 4) Anticipated Return to Face-to-Face on Campus Operations

  • Thompson Hall will reopen to returning students for move-in on May 3. 

    • As appropriate, account credits and/or refunds will be issued to impacted students for the partial loss of access to room and board over the first 4 weeks of the term. 

  • Virtual Delivery will end and we will return to face-to-face instruction on campus on May 4.

Why Are We Not Moving Now to Virtual Delivery for the Entire Term?

At this time, given our best evaluation of our situation in light of information we are receiving from federal and state agencies, we believe we will be able to return to on-campus, face-to-face delivery and to permit returning students to return to Thompson Hall after May 1, six weeks from now. Should the situation change in the interim and make such a return inadvisable, we are preparing to deliver the entire term virtually. 

Many of our undergraduate courses have significant laboratory or hands-on, project-based components.  There are currently no readily available virtual replacements for many of these. We are working to identify virtual alternatives where they exist, and to develop those that do not. We remain strongly committed to the value of a hands-on, laboratory-based education for our students, so it is our hope to return to normal operations if prudent to provide that experience for our students.