President McMahan Welcomes Bulldogs Back

"All of us at Kettering University are excited to welcome our students, staff and faculty back to campus for the summer term and the start of a new academic year. We have been preparing together for this moment for months, and we have developed a comprehensive plan for reopening the university safely. This plan, and our safety guidelines for reopening, are outlined in the “Safe Return to Campus Playbook” posted on the Kettering website. If you have not read it, I ask that you do so now. It contains important information that you will need to know before you return to campus as well as descriptions of what you can expect when you do."

For President McMahan's entire welcome message, please see the July 10, 2020 Update.

Why Our Playbook Is Important

Returning to campus this summer requires all members of the Kettering University community to agree to a campus compact. This compact mandates that we all observe a set of prescribed behaviors designed to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission to employees and students on and off campus. These behaviors include social distancing, use of proper hygiene, and wearing facial coverings in shared spaces. Your compliance, with no exception, is absolutely necessary to limit the spread of the virus in our community.

View or download the Safe Return To Campus Playbook
View/download the Playbook for Our Safe Return to Campus

To continue providing excellent educational experiences for our students, academic delivery of programs and student services will be adapted to support these behaviors.

This Playbook is designed to outline both preparations and expectations for everyone’s safe Return to Campus in summer 2020. Our priorities for this Playbook include:

  • ensuring the health and safety of students, faculty, staff, and our neighbors in Flint
  • providing an excellent Kettering education to every student
  • strengthening our University community
  • acting as good stewards of our resources

Social distancing is required in all situations and face coverings are necessary with few exceptions. Everyone is responsible for monitoring and reporting COVID-19 status or symptoms on a daily basis as well as practicing good hygiene, including frequent handwashing, which is essential. If required, members of the Kettering community must participate in a contact-tracing program.

Dining service will be reconfigured including staggered meals and limits on the size of gatherings, both on and off campus.

Scheduling, delivery, and instruction of academic courses will also change to accommodate safety protocols which are detailed in this Playbook.

Please understand the pandemic situation is evolving, and the policies and protocols in this Playbook are subject to change as circumstances warrant. For example, if COVID-19 creates a significant health issue on campus, in Michigan, or if there are new government mandates issued, we may have to alter our plans significantly.

Our Safe Return to Campus Guidelines for Students & Employees information sheet describes requirements and critical safety measures that will be required of everyone upon return to campus. View/download this document and familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures to ensure everyone's safe return to campus.