Please answer all the questions on the application. You will need to submit the RA Application Consent for Release of Information Form and have 3 letters of reference completed and returned to Katie Bosio, Director of Residence Life, in order for your application to be considered complete. 

Please be professional in format and content. One page, single-sided addressing the following areas -Work experience (chronological with most recent first; include dates of employment) -Leadership experience, community service and volunteer work -Other (list other significant information that can strengthen your application for the RA position)
One page, single-sided addressing the following areas -Your reason for applying for the RA position -Qualities, skills and experience you possess that will enable you to be a successful RA -The areas of the RA position you would enjoy most, in reading the job description, and your reasons why -Challenges you anticipate with this position -Describe how this position will impact your experience as a Kettering University student
To the best of my knowledge the above information is accurate and complete. I confirm that I am interested in a Resident Assistant position for the 2014-2015 academic year. I confirm that I have given my commitments for next year great consideration and believe a position with Residence Life to be a high priority. I confirm that I have the drive and energy to perform the position to the best of my abilities next year. I understand that the Resident Assistant scholarship includes a room and a meal plan. I understand that the scholarship may affect my current scholarships or financial aid and that it is my responsibility to check with financial aid prior to my accepting the position. I confirm that I will uphold my contract as a Staff member and the policies of Kettering University. I am willing to fulfill the job expectations outlined in the position description. I understand that a semester 2.8 and 2.6 cumulative grade point average is required for the Resident Assistant position. I also understand that I cannot be on disciplinary probation and be an applicant for a Resident Assistant position. I authorize the Residence Life Administrative Staff to access my academic and disciplinary records to verify the information included in this application. I also agree that I will be able to complete all facets of this application process as listed above. I understand that dates may be subject to change and I will receive these changes in a timely fashion from Residence Life.