Quick Guide to Liberal Studies Electives

Winter 2016

The Department of Liberal Studies has faculty able to teach 35 upper division electives in the humanities and social sciences. These are offered on a rotating basis with 8 to 12 different electives offered each term.

This guide shows the courses we offer in the Winter 2016 term, brief descriptions, the graduation requirement each satisfies and the Liberal Studies minor the course supports.

Prerequisites for all upper division COMM, HIST, LIT, HUMN, PHIL, SOC, SSCI electives are COMM 101, HUMN 201, and SSCI 201. Upper division ECON electives require ECON 201 as a prerequisite.

Art: Styles and Aesthetics (ART 305)
A study of stylistic and aesthetic developments in human creative experience, focusing on global 21st-century art in its wide variety of paintings, sculptures, mixed-media works, and conceptual or interactive installations
Days/Time - MW 6:00-8:05
Graduation Requirement -  Humanities
Minor -   International Studies

Rhetorical Principles of Public Speaking (COMM 313)
This course focuses on the processes and contexts of public speaking, including audience adaptation, principles of clear organization, development of ideas, and techniques of effective speaking.
Days/Time - TF 10:15-12:20
Graduation Requirement - Humanities
Minor - Pre-law (obj. 4)

Intermediate Macroeconomics (ECON 344)
Applied macroeconomic theory and quantitative analysis with relevance for managerial and governmental decision-making.
Days/Time - TF 10:15-12:20
Graduation Requirement - Social Science
Minor - Economics

Comparative Economic Systems (ECON 350)
A study of economic systems (capitalism, mixed economies, socialism) emphasizing their influence on economic decision-making and their relative success.
Days/Time - MTWF 4:40-5:40
Graduation Requirement -  Social Science
Minor -   Economics, International Studies

International Economics (ECON 352)
A study of the theories, policies and contexts of the international economy.
Days/Time - TR 6:00-8:05
Graduation Requirement -  Social Science
Minor -   International Studies, Economics

Modern Middle East (HIST 320)
A study of the central issues and problems in the Middle East from World War I to the present including the impact of outside powers on the region, the rise of nationalism, the impact of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, oil and politics, and the reassertion of Islamic identity
Days/Time -  MR 10:15-12:20
Graduation Requirement - Social Science
Minor - International Studies, History, Pre-law (obj. 1)

African-American Literature (LIT 310)
An examination of major issues in African American literature in historical context, including responses to slavery, racial and cultural identity, the role of music and urban life.
Days/Time - MR 1:20-3:25
Graduation Requirement - Humanities
Minor - Literature, Pre-law (obj. 3)

Seminar on J. R. R. Tolkien (LIT 374)
This course examines Tolkien's epic, The Lord of the Rings and his extended mythology in The Silmarillion. The course focuses on genre, style and themes of the works, with particular emphasis on the elements of epic.
Days/Time - MR 3:35-5:40
Graduation Requirement - Humanities
Minor - Literature

Indians, Aliens and Others: Cross-Cultural Encounters in Literature (LIT 319)
What happens when vastly different peoples, customs, and worldviews collide with each other? Is conflict inevitable? What leaps of imagination might bridge the gulf? This course seeks answers to these questions in literary texts that stage cross-cultural encounters of various kinds. Readings range from science fiction to the history of colonialism to contemporary examples of cross-cultural interchange.
Days/Time - TF 1:20-3:25
Graduation Requirement - Humanities
Minor - International Studies, Literature, Pre-law (obj. 3)

Global Social Movements (SOC 391)
This course explores the major theoretical and empirical approaches to studying transnational social movements. These are movements of civil society groups asserting rights for food security, the environment, energy, land rights, education and so on. The course will promote understanding of why and how movements arise and the extent of their success.
Days/Time - TF 1:20-3:25
Graduation Requirement - Social Science
Minor - International Studies, Pre-law (obj. 3)

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