Don Ebben

Don Ebben

Hometown: Novi, MI

Major: Computer Science

Second Major: Computer Engineering

Co-op Employer: Livio Radio (Ferndale, MI)

Why I chose Kettering:
I was involved in FIRST Robotics in high school and already had experience working with professional engineers on challenging engineering projects. The idea of being able to start my career my freshman year through a co-op program was very appealing to me. While other schools offer co-op, Kettering’s approach is integrated into their degree programs. Some of the co-op opportunities at other schools involved having to go to class and work at the same time as well as having to wait until my sophomore or junior year to start co-op. Kettering’s approach to co-op is definitely what made me select them.

The best things about Kettering:

  • Co-op – The ability to start working in my chosen field even in the infancy of my studies.
  • Small class sizes – I am able to get more individual attention and meet with my professors, not a teaching assistant.
  • Vibrant student life – A cornucopia of different student clubs and organizations.
  • Entrepreneurial focus
  • Return on investment – Being able to come out of school with more than just a diploma, but two years of experience under my belt.

Coolest co-op assignment:
My coolest work assignment was during my time at Livio Radio. In my first term, I was tasked with writing both an iPhone app and creating a hardware emulator for Livio’s Connect protocol. The tools I wrote became used by our hardware partners and it was awesome to see that software being used to control internet radio apps within cars.

Best advice:
If you’re someone who doesn’t want to wait for a piece of paper to start pursuing your career, look no further.  Kettering will put you on the fast track to real experience both in and out of the classroom.