Chaz Mancino

Chaz Mancino

Hometown: Fredonia, New York

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Co-op Employer: Tenneco

Why I chose Kettering:

I selected Kettering University because I wanted to get the hands-on experience that the labs and the co-ops offer. I have been taught in a classroom all of my life and I would prefer to actually do something instead of just sitting down and taking notes.

The best things about Kettering:

  • The small class sizes allow you to ask questions and get hands-on experience - which is almost impossible with larger classes
  • Tons of activities and things to do on campus, despite the busy school schedule
  • The ability to get ahead of other college students who don't have the co-op experience that Kettering offers
  • The small campus means things are easy to find, and helps everyone get to know each other - everyone is really nice!

What advice do you have for students considering Kettering?

Kettering University is the cat’s pajamas. It is a lot of fun and everyone gets along with each other. The learning is fast-paced and you will be surprised on how much you learn within just one month here, but there are so many activities going on that allow Kettering students to relax after bushwhacking through studies and homework. There are also many clubs and organizations which allow the students here to have a lot of diverse interests and skills. Plus, going to school or working over the summer shows that the students here are hard workers - which employers are looking for. And to put the cherry on top of the sundae known as Kettering University, companies love to hire Kettering students as co-ops and for full time after they graduate!