Graduation Eligibility and RSVP

Apply for Graduation

Students must apply to graduate to begin the graduation process; it is not automatic upon the completion of requirements. Applying for graduation is the process by which a student notifies Kettering they are nearing completion of their degree requirements and they expect to graduate and receive a diploma. Students will indicate their expected term of graduation on the application.

Applications are to be submitted during the student’s final term registration period, after the student is registered for all remaining graduation requirements (course work, thesis, co-op work terms).   For undergraduate students, this is typically at least six months prior to the expected graduation date. For graduate students, this is typically at least four months prior to the expected graduation date.

Confirmation as a Graduation Candidate

To be eligible for graduation, students must receive confirmation from the Registrar’s Office that they are a graduation candidate, with an expected term of graduation. This is done after the student submits an application to graduate. A preliminary degree audit will be completed by the Registrar’s Office and the results emailed to the student.   This confirmation is subject to change if a student’s future registrations are adjusted after the initial audit is completed. Anyone who has not received confirmation, and believes they should have, should contact the Registrar’s Office.


Students are eligible for commencement if they have not attended a previous commencement ceremony and:

  • graduated in the months of September, December, or March immediately prior to commencement or;
  • are confirmed as a graduation candidate for June and have a thesis registration prior to spring term; or
  • are active but not enrolled with only a registered thesis as the remaining unmet graduation requirement

Commencement RSVP For Graduating Students >

Deadline for RSVP is June 1