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Save The Date - September 12-17, 2022

This week is devoted to alumni celebrating being Kettering Built. Events are held throughout the US to bring alumni of all ages together, reuniting old classmates, connecting alumni who have never met and showcase the leadership and problem solving skills of all our alumni.

The 2021 Alumni Connections week concluded with a total of 16 events in five states: Texas, Michigan, Indiana, Massachusetts and South Carolina. More than 265 alumni gathered to celebrate being "Kettering Built." Thank you to all of our event champions and all those who came out and celebrated. 

2021 Connections Week Highlights

Fenton Winery - Connections Week 2021
Greenfield, IN - Connections Week 2021
Pontiac, MI Connections Week 2021
Livonia, MI - Connections Week 2021
Connections Week 2021
Birmingham, MI - Connections Week 2021


To view more 2021 Connections Week events, visit the Alumni Facebook page. 


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