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Upcoming Trips

Italian Inspiration – Oceania Cruises 

From Rome to Venice
Date: May 14 – May 22, 2014
Price: From $2,499 per person (includes airfare)

Let the irresistible beauty of islands and classic Italian cities inspire you as you cruise the Mediterranean along the sublime shores of Italy, Greece and Croatia.

Best of the British Isles – Oceania Cruises 

Ancient Castles to Emerald Lands
Date: July 22 – August 2, 2014
Price: From $4,299 per person (includes airfare) 

Cruise to celebrated ports aboard a vessel that boasts some of the finest amenities at sea, the ideal mid-sized Marina.   From royal castles and Georgian mansions to ruggedly beautiful highlands and picturesque harbors, take in some of the British Isles’ most remarkable cities and landscapes.

Baltic Treasures – Oceania Cruises

From Copenhagen to Stockholm
Date: August 21 – September 1, 2014
Price: From $4,200 per person (includes airfare)

Relax, unwind and enjoy the inherent benefits of a masterfully designed ship, Nautica.  Experience Northern Europe’s eternal elegance and striking fusion of medieval and modern on this Baltic voyage from Copenhagen to Stockholm.

Mediterranean Mosaic - Oceania Cruises

From Portugal to Italy
Date: October 8, 2014 - October 21, 2014
Price: From $4,299 per person (includes airfare)

Discover an impressive mosaic of enchanting, storied cities, marvelous art and architecture, and awe-inspiring seascapes, as you sail from Portugal to unforgettable Mediterranean destinations, including Morocco, Spain, France, Monaco and Italy.

Old-Fashioned Holidays In the South - American Queen

From Memphis to New Orleans
Date: December 5, 2014 - December 13, 2014
Price: From $2,549 per person

Celebrate the joyous spirit of the season and experience unique Southern traditions aboard the elegant American Queen

Ancient Mysteries of the Americas - Oceania Cruises

From Miami to Lima, Peru
Date: January 16 - February 3, 2015
Price: From $4,499 per person (includes airfare)

Discover breathtaking tropical scenery and mesmerizing ancient relics as you cruise from Miami to Lima, passing through the Panama Canal—one of the most legendary waterways in the world.

Polynesian Paradise - Oceania Cruises

From French Polynesia 
Date:  March 15 - 25, 2015
Price:  From $3,999 per person (includes airfare)

Swaying palm trees. Luxurious white-sand beaches. Crystal-clear turquoise waters. Welcome to paradise. Cruise the balmy South Seas and discover the wonders of French Polynesia as you explore the stunning islands of the South Pacific.