Optics (Photonics) is the broad field of science and engineering that studies light. Ever wondered how a photographic camera works, or why is it that we see a rainbow only after rain? What is laser light, what makes it so unique, and how can one use laser light and optical fibers for communications?

Join us for a week of fun and hands-on learning through experiments and become part of a group of like-minded students who want to learn more about what light is and how one can put it to work to improve our daily lives.

Come and take a peek at this growing field and learn about exciting college paths and career opportunities, and of what you can do with knowledge of optics and photonics.

Title of program: From Lenses to Photonics – Optical Engineering and Design


Dates of Program: August 5, 2013 through August 8, 2013


                                    9:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Grades:  9-12

Cost:  $150.00

Covers supplies and lunch


16 Slots available!


Deadline to apply: Open until slots filled