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If you're like most parents, helping your child find the right college seems like one of your last major parental responsibilities. The admissions process may also seem a bit daunting, but the faculty and staff are here to guide you!


The college selection process is all about finding the best fit.  We look for students who are ready to be extraordinary.


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Loving being up late, having my 17 year old bounce off ideas for follow-up letters to the recruiters he met today at the co-op job fair at Kettering University. He was interviewed for a chemical engineering co-op position by a major company ... 3 other companies expressed an interest ... One company asked if he had any experience with explosives (they do airbags) or would be interested in that. I can imagine he had quite the grin on his face for that question. I wonder if any of the companies would be interested in his skill set which involves the leadership ability to get his brother to go down a burning slide. Twice.


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