Scholarship Universe

What is Scholarship Universe?

Scholarship Universe is a state of the art matching system that maximizes scholarship opportunities for students. Scholarship Universe allows students to create an academic profile that enables them to be connected with various scholarship opportunities from Kettering University as well as outside scholarship organizations.

Each scholarship opportunity that a student sees on Scholarship Universe has gone through an extensive vetting process in order to protect students from scholarship scams. When students are searching for good matches in Scholarship Universe, they can rest assured that the opportunities are legitimate and worth the time and effort it takes to apply.

How do I use this service as a student?

  1. Create a Scholarship Universe account >
  2. Answer ALL questions in order to build your profile and match you to eligible scholarships.
  3. After you have answered the questions Click on the “Scholarships” tab on the left hand side in Scholarship Universe and start applying!

What should you know about Scholarship Universe?

  • Be sure to update your profile frequently. Information such as GPA, class standing, etc. will all affect what scholarships you are matched to and can apply for.
  • We do not share your information, all data collected is used strictly for matching you to scholarships and awarding scholarships from Kettering University.