Graduate Costs

Tuition for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

Graduate Tuition is *$959/per credit hour.

*Most graduate programs require 40 credits hours to complete.

Estimated Cost For The First Year

The estimated total cost includes tuition and fees, cost of living, health insurance, books, and miscellaneous expenses.

Expense Item

Tuition $30,688
Living $13,000
Other *$6,000
Total $49,688

*Includes Kettering University health insurance (required for international students), textbooks, software, and miscellaneous.

The program can be completed in 18 months (not including an internship term) bringing the total cost to complete the degree to about $75,000.

An enrollment deposit of $350 is required and will be applied towards tuition payment.

For more information on payments and deadlines please consult the Academic Catalog.

International Students

For international applicants on an F-1 or J-1 visa, your financial support documents must show the total amount of tuition, housing, and fees listed above for one academic year for full-time graduate students before a form I-20 or DS-2019 may be issued.

Admitted students may submit their financial support documents at time of application or via email to

Proof of Financial Support

We accept proof of financial support in either of the following formats:

  1. Bank official's signature and bank seal on our Affidavit of Financial Support. Please read all instructions carefully to ensure that each required section of the form is complete.

  2. You may complete the Affidavit of Financial Support and attach supporting bank statements or bank letter verifying funds.

  3. Original bank statement dated in the past six months, showing the required amount in your or your sponsor's bank account. The statement must be on the bank's letterhead and bear the bank official's signature and stamp (bank seal). If your education will be sponsored by someone other than yourself, you must additionally submit a notarized letter from your sponsor confirming their plans to pay for your graduate studies. The letter must be signed and dated within the past one year.

You may submit documents for up to three bank accounts that sum to the required total. Complete documentation (as indicated above) is required for each account or each sponsor. Proof of financial support may not include any frozen or locked funding. All monies must be readily available for use.

You may submit your financial support documents after being notified of admission, if you wish; however, an I-20 cannot be issued to any admitted student until valid documents have been received and approved by Graduate Admission. We encourage you to submit them as early as possible.

Immigration regulations stipulate that financial support documents must be no more than six months old at the time an I-20 is issued. If your documents have expired at the time your admission decision is made, you will be asked to submit current documents.


Students who are admitted to Kettering University with valid financial support documents and who subsequently defer their admission to a later term will not be required to submit new proof of financial support. A new I-20 will be issued based on the documents accepted for the original term of admission provided the document shows proof of funding for a tuition increase. If you are required to submit new financial documents you will be notified by The Office of Graduate Admission.

Funding Graduation Education

Graduate Assistantships

The Kettering University Graduate Assistantship (GA) program was established to meet the following goals:

  • Develop strong bonds between graduate students and faculty;

  • Support the research enterprise and instructional mission;

  • Prepare graduate students for productive careers;

  • Provide financial support for graduate students.

GAs are assigned to work with an individual faculty member performing duties such as grading, assisting in a faculty member’s teaching/research lab, or supporting a student technical team. In addition, all GAs are required to participate in and complete training modules offered by the Graduate School as part of the appointment.

Getting An Assistantship

To be eligible for the GA program, students must be currently admitted and in good academic standing or have accepted admission to an on-campus graduate program. GA appointments are competitively awarded subject to the availability of program funding.

If you are interested in applying for the Kettering GA program, please contact the Graduate School at for more information.