Academic Requirements

Applications are evaluated on a variety of items including overall grade point average, grades and number of credit hours in the math and science courses, overall number of credit hours taken, extracurricular activities, leadership skills, extraordinary circumstances, most recent coursework, and other factors. A typical student should be taking 14 to 16 credit hours per semester of coursework similar to what is taken by a Kettering University student. Prospective students should maintain an overall grade point average of at least a "B" or better with strong math and science grades of "B" or better. It is mandatory that a student take math coursework up to and including trigonometry. It is also mandatory that a student take two units of lab science, one of which must be chemistry or physics. A unit of lab science is considered to be one year of high school or one semester of college. It is also highly recommended that a student have BOTH chemistry and physics. Kettering University works on a rolling admissions basis and students may apply anytime during the year.


Kettering University Math Placement Test

All students are required to take the Math Placement Exam unless they have Advanced Placement or transfer credit for MATH-101, Calculus I. This exam is administered online and offered to students in the two months before their first academic term. Read complete information on the Math Placement Exam.