Physics Faculty/Staff

Gillian Lynn Ryan

Assistant Professor of Physics Physics 2323 M AB
Kettering University

Ronald Tackett

Assistant Professor Physics 2-323 K AB (810) 762-7499

Gary Thieme

Physics 1700 University Ave
2-615 AB

Prem Vaishnava

Professor of Physics Physics 1700 University Ave
2-323 E AB

LEED and Auger electron characterization of thin films, Low and High Tc superconductors, Magnetic Characterization using SQUID, Materials Characterization, Mossbauer spectroscopy, Nanotechnology: Applications in Medicine, Occupational and consumer product safety management and engineering, Optical characterization of electronic materials, Scanning Electron Microscopy , X-ray diffraction, Transmission Electron microscopy

Dr. Vaishnava's Research Profile