Scheduling Tips

Although the process seems simple, what problems do the students encounter? They can be summarized as follows:

  1. Avoid taking classes out of sequence: 

    • Students will often take classes out of sequence. This affects certain courses, which are offered once per year for each section. 
  2. Avoid failing (or dropping) core courses:

    • Students will fail (or drop) a core course needed as a prerequisite, which can also affect electives.
    • Students will fail/drop an elective needed as a prerequisite for their course selection sequence.
  3.  Avoid any Management courses:

    • Students incorrectly take a Management course to satisfy concentration elective credits. This is not permitted to count towards the ME concentration. Your graduation may be delayed or require you to drop the concentration in order to graduate as planned. 
  4. Avoid extra Humanity or extra Social Science courses:

    • The humanities elective course and social science elective course must be selected from 300 series courses. You must choose one humanities elective course and one social science elective.
  5. Know your program:

    • Students fail to understand degree requirements.
  6. Transfer students:

    • Not all credits transferred to Kettering University may count toward the ME Degree (e.g. extra Humanities and Management courses).

    Note:  The Management courses taken for a Management minor do not count towards the ME degree if a specialty is selected.

Additional Information