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The World's Common Language

Insurance companies. Investment banks. Governments. Engineering companies. Even filmmakers. All need math stars. But, it's not just any old calculus guru who can design networks, devise investment strategies, or help map the human genome.

At Kettering, we specialize in Applied Math. That's right—math for the real world. Small classes, state-of-the-art facilities, co-op and experiential learning opportunities that start in your first year— it’s no surprise that Kettering math grads are the ones employers want most.

In Applied Mathematics you'll learn the fundamentals of both modern and classical math — from calculus and complex variables to matrix and control theory — all essential for your work outside of the classroom. As early as your first year, you can concentrate in one of four areas:


More Than Teaching or Research

If you think all math majors can do is teach or do academic research, think again. At Kettering you'll take all the fundamental courses in subjects ranging from calculus through linear algebra, to probability and statistics.

But as an aspiring applied mathematician, you'll learn how to put theory into practice. You might use calculus to understand the flow of blood through an artery or queuing theory to design a street intersection. You can create computational models to devise investment strategies or algorithms for movie animations. You'll also learn to collaborate with people from other disciplines, especially engineering and science.