This degree aims to develop manufacturing professionals who will be able to:

  • Develop and implement lean and competitive principals in a manufacturing, operations, or service environment
  • Apply appropriate quality systems and tools
  • Implement and evaluate effective quality assurance and production/operational control systems
  • Identify and operationalize necessary elements of a successful supply chain
  • Develop a skills set to implement and manage "change" effectively

GM TEP MSLM Curriculum:

Core Courses (24 credit hours):

      • MFGO 601 Globally Integrated Manufacturing Company
      • MFGO 619 Six Sigma for Manufacturing
      • MFGO 633 Lean Production Systems
      • MFGO 635 Work Analysis for Lean Production Applications
      • MFGO 639 Quality Assurance and Reliability
      • MFGO 649 Metrics for Lean Production Improvement

 Project Course (4 credit hours)

      • MFGO 659 Manufacturing Capstone Project

Concentration Courses (12 credit hours) select concentration to view elective classes in concentration areas