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This concentration requires a BSE degree.

The Reliability & Maintainability Engineering concentration is an essential strategic areas for companies.  A key business objective is to design and build highly reliable and maintainable products, as these two characteristics have a direct impact on a product's operational and maintenance cost to the end users.  Reliability and maintainability must be considered and integrated in the product design for the product to stand out from its competition.  The reliability and maintainability engineering concentration will provide you with essential skills and knowledge in this field. 

Select three courses from the following:

      • IE/ME/NE/ChE438 Introduction to Reliability Engineering (U of Tenn)
      • IE/ME/NE 484 Introduction to Maintainability Engineering (U of Tenn)
      • ChE/NE585 Process System Reliability and Safety (U of Tenn)
      • NE575 Equipment and System Prognostics (U of Tenn)
      • NE579 Empirical Models for Monitoring and Diagnostic (U of Tenn)
      • IE517 Reliability of Lean Systems (U of Tenn)