Global perspective for globally-minded students

The Master of Science in Lean Manufacturing program is designed for both manufacturing and operations employees globally.  The concepts, principles, and focus of this program is to provide the theoretical and practical application of lean thinking & systems in a global organization with no geographical, cultural, functional, or operational limitations.  To achieve the full potential of lean systems, it's important that all GM employees integrate this approach into their work environment. 



Because this program is available through distance learning delivery, you'll have the opportunity to work with students at various global locations and discuss issues that have an impact on different cultures. Coursework in the MSLM will help you and other students learn to leverage cross-functional and cross-cultural teamwork to achieve a competitive advantage on the global stage.  You'll gain the attitudes, skills, and knowledge required of managers, supervisors, team leaders, and operations professionals to effectively work in a successful global corporation.


You'll also explore cutting-edge concepts in automotive, non-automotive, manufacturing, operations, logistics, business and other key industries.  Lean, while often applied to a manufacturing facility, can add significant value and have a powerful impact on non-manufacturing areas including operations, purchasing, logistics, strategy, facilities, and virtually any other business office function. 

Apply to the MSLM program...and make your impact on the world!