Unique Attributes:

Computer science degrees are offered at many universities, but the Kettering program offers unique advantages:

  • CS students start taking CS courses as first-semester students and get involved in their chosen field right away. The experience helps students determine quickly if CS is the right field for them. (This is not uniform practice; at many other universities, CS students don't encounter their first CS course until their second year.) 
  • CS students have a great deal of choice and flexibility in their curriculum. Students get four free electives, a math elective, four science electives, two liberal studies electives, and four computer science electives. These choices give students a great deal of flexibility to pursue outside interests. For example, with the right choices, a student can earn a CS major, a computer engineering minor, and a liberal studies minor within the minimum 160 credits required for graduation. 
  • Kettering has study abroad programs; not many schools offer study abroad for CS students. 
  • Professional co-op makes our program unique among other CS programs. (Other schools have CS co-op programs, but they are nothing like the Kettering program.) 
  • Class sizes are small. At other universities, first-year classes can have over 150 students. Introductory programming classes at Kettering usually have no more than 30, and upper-level classes have substantially less than that.

Superb Faculty: "Why do you like teaching at Kettering?"

My joy is in the students: in particular, what happens to students when they go through this program. Students learn so much about their discipline through their classwork and their work experiences that they mature incredibly fast. It is a joy to walk into a classroom of juniors and seniors and for them to share the examples from their workplaces and life experiences. --Dr. Jim Huggins, Associate Professor of Computer Science