Commencement FAQs

When and where is the ceremony?

Saturday, June 19, 2021

  • Class of 2020 - 9:30 a.m. 
  • Class of 2021 - 3:00 p.m.

Commencement is being held in Kettering University’s Atwood Stadium. The ceremony will be held outside in the stadium. In the event of severe weather, we will make a rain call before the ceremony to postpone until Sunday.

Will the ceremony be live-streamed?   

Yes. Both the 2020 and 2021 ceremonies will be live-streamed on the day of the event. The link will be added to the main Commencement page.

Which ceremony am I eligible to attend?

Class of 2020 - If you were awarded a degree dated September 28, 2019, December 21, 2019, March 28, 2020, or June 19, 2020, you are the class of 2020, apply here.

Class of 2021 -  If you were awarded a degree dated September 26, 2020, December 19, 2020, or are pending for March 27, 2021, or June 18, 2021, and have been verified as a degree candidate, you are the class of 2021, apply here.

Can I walk if I am completing my degree in September or December of this year?

No, September and December 2021 graduates are eligible to attend the June 2022 commencement but are not eligible to attend the June 2021 ceremony.

My son/daughter does not know if they are eligible to attend, could you please let me know which ceremony they can walk in?

Your son/daughter should contact the Registrar's office directly by emailing to confirm eligibility.

I’m vaccinated / my family is vaccinated / my graduate is vaccinated. Are we still required to wear a facemask at Commencement?

The CDC and MDHHS recently announced new guidance regarding the use of face masks for outdoor events and activities. All individuals can now gather outdoors at large events without wearing face masks.

Individuals who prefer to wear a face mask during the event are welcome to do so. 

Can I still wear my Jostens regalia even though you’re changing providers for 2021?

Yes, graduates who purchased their commencement regalia last year through Josten’s are still able to wear their regalia this year. If you graduated in 2020 and did not purchase regalia you can purchase items this year from our new provider. or by calling 800-456-7623.

Please see the main Commencement page for full details about regalia.

I'm graduating with academic honors. How do I order/purchase Honor Cords?

Honor cords will be distributed to eligible graduates at grad check-in before their designated ceremony. Those individuals who are invited to attend the Academic Honors events will receive their items at the event. 

What is the honors banquet? How will I know if I am/if my graduate is eligible?

The Academic Honors event is held to recognize graduates who are recipients of the top institutional honors. President’s Medalists, Sobey Scholars, Summa Cum Laude, Outstanding Thesis. 

Graduates are notified by the Office of the President approx. 2 weeks out from the ceremony.

Where can I find the most updated information?

The main Commencement page is updated weekly with important information.

Who can I contact about commencement information?

Office of Events (

  • Ceremony Logistics re: time, location, etc
  • Graduate Regalia
  • Graduate Tickets 
  • Academic Honors Banquet 

Registrar's Office (

  • Graduate information
  • Eligibility to participate in a ceremony this year 
  • Questions regarding degree

Unsure? hits both of our teams.