Common FERPA do’s and don’ts for faculty and staff: 

  1. Do understand that only the appropriate educational record custodian may release information about a student’s educational record to a third party outside the University. 
  2. Do refer requests for information from the education record of a student to the proper educational record custodian (e.g., Registrar, Wellness Center, Student Accounts, etc.) 
  3. Do follow the confidentiality principles of FERPA by not sharing education records information with your colleagues or co-workers unless a legitimate educational interest exists. 
  4. Do keep only those individual student records necessary for the fulfillment of your teaching or advising responsibilities. Private notes of a professor/staff member concerning a student and intended for a professor/staff member’s own use are not a part of the student’s education record. 
  5. Do destroy any personal notes or information on a student that you no longer need. 
  6. Do not release a student's class schedule to anyone; for security purposes, this information must be kept confidential. 
  7. Do not provide anyone with lists of students enrolled in your classes for commercial purposes.     
  8. Do not share student information, including grades, GPA’s or academic progress, with other faculty or staff unless their responsibilities warrant a “need to know.” 
  9. Do not post grades in a web environment which does not require a secure password which might allow a student access to another student’s educational records (grades).  
  10. Do not display student scores or grades publicly in association with names, social security numbers, Kettering ID number, or other personally identifiable information. Blackboard is the official means for students to obtain this information. In addition, Banner Web is the official means for students to obtain midterm and final grades.  
  11. Do not share non-directory information from a student’s education records, such as grades or class schedules, with parents unless the student is present (and privately agrees) or if the student has voluntarily provided written permission for you to discuss the records with the parent.  
  12. Do not provide non-directory information to third parties such as prospective employers, associations, honorary organizations, etc., without the student’s written consent. 
  13. Do not request information from the educational record custodian, or access a student’s record in Banner unless you have a legitimate educational interest with respect to that student and that record. 
  14. Do not leave your workstation or computer unattended while logged in to Banner or any other Kettering database containing student information, and Do not give your password to another employee or student. You are responsible for maintaining the security of your workstation or computer. This includes all transactions that occur under your username and password.

Key Contacts

  • Main Office
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  • Grades
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  • Graduation
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    (810) 762-9587 (Bachelor)
  • Guest & AP Credits
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  • Registration
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  • Transfer Students
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  • Transcripts
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  • Veterans and GI Bill
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