Bachelor/Master Program


The Bachelor/Master Program is available to Kettering University undergraduate students only. Kettering undergraduate students who desire to obtain a master’s degree may elect to complete the bachelor/master program which provides students an opportunity to accelerate the process in which they earn both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. This program is available only to Kettering University undergraduate students and leverages Kettering University’s premier academic programs. Not all graduate degrees are available through the bachelor/master options. See the degree granting department for information.
Students who are admitted into the bachelor/master program will complete the same total number of work terms as conventional non-bachelor/master undergraduate students.

Option 1: Undergraduate Thesis and Optional Graduate Thesis

  • Students must apply before graduating (after completing 120 credit hours) or within six (6) years after obtaining their undergraduate degree.
  • The student completes the undergraduate degree, with the traditional undergraduate thesis (BS), and receives the bachelor’s degree at the conventional time.
  • Up to eight (8) credits of mezzanine level (500-level) courses, which were completed at the undergraduate level, are also applied to the master’s degree. (Mechanical Engineering capstone courses do not apply.)
  • Forty (40) credits remain to complete the MBA (total of 48 graduate credits) or thirty-two (32) credits remain to complete the master’s degree (total of 40 graduate credits). As an option, four (4) of these credits can be granted for an MS thesis.

Option 2: Graduate Thesis Only: No Undergraduate Thesis

  • Eight credits granted for the graduate-level thesis, four are applied to the undergraduate degree, four are applied to the graduate degree.
  • The student will not receive the bachelor's degree until completion of the graduate-level thesis.  
  • One course (four credits) will be waived in the graduate program.
  • Eight credits of mezzanine level (500-level) courses, which were completed at the undergraduate level, are also applied to the master's degree.
  • 28 credits will remain to complete the master's degree (for a total of 36 graduate credits).
  • The graduate-level thesis will be a more purely academic thesis driven by the faculty, but must be authorized by the student sponsor.
Students must apply to this option before normally starting their undergraduate thesis (i.e. before submitting their Proposed Thesis Assignment) (PTA).

Grade Requirements

Students who possess an overall minimum GPA of 3.7 are granted acceptance into this program. Students with a GPA lower than 3.7 may be considered on an individual basis. The degree-granting department will determine acceptance.

Other Requirements

Both part-time and full-time Graduate Students may qualify for this program; this program is only available to students who will receive (or have received) a Kettering bachelor's degree; and students must formally apply to the program. See the respective academic department (as listed below) for an Admission Application for the bachelor/master program.


  • For Mechanical Engineering options, please contact Dr. Raghu Echempati at 810-762-7835 or
  • For more information on this program for Industrial or Manufacturing Engineering, please contact the IME Department at 810-762-7941.
  • For more information on this program for Business options, please contact the Department of Business at 810-762-7952 or



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