Distance Learning

Distance learning has allowed Kettering University to eliminate geographic barriers for off-campus students who want to pursue their Master’s degree without ever attending live courses at our Flint, MI campus. Graduate classes offered on Kettering University’s campus are held in a high-tech production studio-where classes are digitally captured and recorded on CDROMs, DVDs, and internet video-streaming formats. The class sessions are sent to off-campus students-allowing them to see and hear the entire class presentation from a remote location. Each on-campus graduate class typically meets once or twice per week for the length of the term.
The convenience of Kettering’s distance learning format enables students to “attend” class from home, work, a vacation spot, the airport, or any other remote location at which they have access to a computer, DVD player, or the Internet. Unlike a typical “text-based” online program, Kettering’s distance learning delivery methods are more technologically diverse-providing off-campus students with the same class experience and materials that on-campus students receive-complete with audio and visuals. Homework and other coursework are generally submitted by the student to the professor either via e-mail, fax, Blackboard, or by hard copy through the mail.
Students are given the flexibility to take courses at their own pace, provided they complete the program within six years. Students may take as many classes as they wish per term-or even take entire terms off to tend to other responsibilities. Most graduate students take one or two classes per term, which may allow them to complete the program in less than two years.
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