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The Professor Reg Bell Endowment supports scholarships, student research, professorships, and curricular enhancements in Chemistry, Biology and Bio-Chemistry. With a gift of $200, donors will be included on a plaque as one of Reg’s “favorite students.” For more information, contact Starr Cornell, director of annual giving, or donate now.

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Bell does "Harlem Shake"

Everyone's favorite. . . .

Reg Bell in the lab
It happened the summer of 1963 and some would say that Kettering has never been the same. That was when G. Reginald Bell joined the faculty at General Motors Institute.
Since then, the professor of Chemistry has remembered the names of thousands of students, written more than 5,000 letters of recommendation for graduate schools, and exerted his unique sense of humor. On May 17, during alumni Homecoming weekend, the University will celebrate his teaching for 200 consecutive terms. 
The students will always come first for me.During those 200 terms, Bell has established himself as a favored teacher and mentor. And in kind, Bell will tell you that in his 50 years of teaching, he hasn't had a student who wasn't his "favorite student." He enjoys interacting inside and outside the classroom with what he calls "so many exceptional individuals."
"Our students are geared toward excellence and achievement. The students will always come first for me," he said, adding, "The most fortunate thing that ever happened to me was finding out about this school."

Professor Reg Bell Endowment


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Have you been a Reg Bell Favorite Student? Did Professor Bell make a difference for you as a student? Please consider honoring Professor Bell by contributing to an endowment established to support students and research in the Chemistry, Biology, and Bio-Chemistry department.











Favorite Students Say

"Thank you Professor Bell. Kettering University is where I became engaged in learning, found my career, and met my wonderful wife. We owe you everything." ~ Keith Badgley '04

“I believe our chemistry class was the first to be called “Bell’s Angels." We had formed an intramural basketball team and Mr. Bell was our coach. It was truly one of the my best memories of him. I can’t remember how many games we played, but I don’t remember ever losing. His gift was not so much coaching, as it was knowing and understanding each of the players, and how to inspire them to be the best they could."~Stephen Belisle ’73