Creating a Vibrant Community

Kettering University’s success is linked to the success of the city of Flint, state of Michigan and the entire Midwest region. As such, the University and its students, faculty, staff and alumni are and will continue to be active partners and leaders in the efforts to create a vibrant and economically thriving community, region, nation and world.

Flint, Michigan: Home of Kettering University

Community Initiatives

General Motors Mobility Research Center (MRC)

General Motors Mobility Research Center at Kettering University

The MRC position Flint and Michigan at forefront of transportation and mobility research and development. The completion of Phase One of construction was completed on October 10, 2016. | Read more

Kettering received support from the United States Economic Development Administration to complete Phase Two of the project on October 3, 2016. Construction for the second phase will being in spring 2017. | Read more

Kettering University Restores Historic Atwood Stadium in Flint

Kettering University's Atwood Stadium

“The renovation and grand re-opening of Atwood Stadium on our campus represents a significant milestone in the ongoing rebirth of the city of Flint,” said Kettering University President Dr. Robert K. McMahan. “We invite the entire community to join us in celebration of the amazing institution that is Atwood and to help us mark as a community the beginning of the next exciting chapter in the life of this legendary facility.” Visit for more news and a list of events at the stadium.

New Campus Master Plan

Kettering University's master plan for campus

Kettering University has a nearly 100-year history of producing some of the world’s most prominent and successful leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs and philanthropists. To position the University to continue to build upon this legacy in the 21st century and beyond, the University unveiled a bold new Campus Master Plan. The Plan is aimed at reimagining the campus to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of future Kettering students and faculty for generations to come |Read more

Home Loan Program Encourages Faculty, Staff to Purchase Homes in Flint

Home Loan Program Encourages Faculty, Staff to Purchase Homes in Flint

The Kettering University Employee Home Purchase and Renovation Assistance Program will provide eligible employees with a $15,000 forgivable loan for purchasing and occupying a home in one of three designated neighborhoods near campus. In addition, a $5,000 forgivable loan will be available to eligible employees who already reside full-time within those neighborhoods to assist them in making exterior improvements to their property. | Read more

Kettering University Receives $1 million Department of Justice Grant for Neighborhood Revitalization

Kettering University students working to clean up properties around the university.

Kettering in the Community

Dr. Laura Sullivan, Mechanical Engineering, Playing a Leading Role in Helping Flint Solve Water Issues

Dr. Laura Sullivan, a Mechanical Engineering professor at Kettering University

Dr. Laura Sullivan, professor of Mechanical Engineering at Kettering University, has been appointed to the Flint Water Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Sullivan’s interdisciplinary role is to continue to build trust between local and state governments, stakeholders in Flint and citizens in the community. The task force is made up physicians, scientists, citizens and expert advisors and serves to advise the city of Flint on how to remedy the current water challenges in Flint. | Full story

Young Innovators Fair

Kettering University is a sponsor of the Young Innovators Fair

Each year, Kettering invites young inventors ages 9-13 to display their inventions at the Young Innovators Fair on campus. The innovators present their inventions to peers, educators and other attendees at the fair. A total of 400 elementary students from nine K-12 schools in seven districts throughout Genesee County were in attendance to see the displays in May 2015. Students also participated in workshops led by Dr. Terri Lynch-Caris, Dr. Susan Farhat and Mark Taylor. See more pictures of the 2016 Young Innovators Fair

Flint River Watershed Coalition Green Summit

Attendees at the Flint River Watershed Coalition Green Summit held at Kettering University

More than 500 middle and high school students from schools in Genesee, Lapeer, Saginaw and Oakland Counties participate in the Flint River Watershed Coalition’s annual GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) Summit on the campus of Kettering University each year. The summit is a culmination of a year-long program through school districts where students conduct water testing in nearby rivers and streams. The Summit at Kettering gives them the opportunity to present their results.

Student Association for Global Engineering

Vanessa Robinson '17, a senior Mechanical Engineering major at Kettering University with children from Pine Ridge Reservation in North Dakota

Vanessa Robinson '17, a senior Mechanical Engineering major, partnered with Dr. Laura Sullivan (Mechanical Engineering), Dr. Karen Palmer (Electrical and Computer Engineering) and Mark Richardson (Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering) to collaboratively construct the simplistic solar panel design for households on the Pine Ridge Reservation in southwest South Dakota, a 3,500 square mile reservation with a population of 28,000 people.

Learn more about the project


#LifeOnTheAvenue is a year-long series that profiles the people, organizations and places in the University Avenue Corridor that make the region unique, compelling and – most importantly – vital to Flint’s bright future. Follow along on social media using the #LifeOnTheAvenue hashtag

#LifeOnTheAvenue: Profiling the people and organizations transforming the University Avenue Corridor

#LifeOnTheAvenue: Profiling the people and organizations transforming the University Avenue Corridor

The roughly 2-mile strip of University Avenue stretches past Kettering University, through Flint neighborhoods and alongside small businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations and anchor institutions.

The landscape was once dotted with blighted properties, overgrown yards and a decaying historic football stadium. In a few short years, the University Avenue corridor has been at the heart of a mission of transformation in Flint, led by a coalition of higher education institutions, hospitals, community members, residents, students and other partners that have teamed up to show that together a difference can be made.

And, in a short amount of time, those efforts are becoming a model for community engagement and neighborhood stabilization in areas around the country.  

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