Drug Prevention Program

Kettering University's intent is to implement, support and enforce a firm drug prevention program for all students and employees.

  • Standards of Conduct: Kettering University prohibits the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on its property or as part of any of its activities.
  • Legal Prosecution: Local, state and federal law clearly prohibits the unlawful possession and distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol. Any Kettering University student or employee in violation of the law will be subject to legal prosecution.
  • Health Risks: According to media and research findings, the use of illicit drugs and/or the abuse of alcohol can seriously affect the health, safety and welfare of the student or employee. It also poses safety and welfare risks to those who may come into contact with a student or employee using illicit drugs and/or alcohol on Kettering University property.
  • Rehabilitation Programs: Kettering University does provide referrals for drug and alcohol assessment, treatment or rehabilitation programs.

    Students: Students may use the referral services provided by the Counseling Center located in the Wellness Center, 1-104 CC.

    Employees: Kettering University currently uses the services of the Insight Recovery Center, a Genesee County organization specializing in alcohol, drug addiction and mental health treatment programs. Employees may voluntarily contact Insight's Hot Line phone number (800) 357-HELP anytime day or night for additional information or assistance or employees may contact the Personnel Director (9891) on a confidential basis for a referral to Insight.

  • Disciplinary Sanctions: Any student or employee who unlawfully possesses, uses or distributes illicit drugs and/or alcohol on Kettering University's property, or as part of any Kettering University activity will be subject to disciplinary sanction, as outlined in the Student Handbook, Code of Conduct, The Employee Handbook/Sec 2.5, or the Faculty Handbook/Sec 5.6.

Disciplinary action may include the mandatory completion of an appropriate rehabilitation program, expulsion, or dismissal and/or a referral by Kettering University for legal prosecution.