University Policy 3
Mobile Communication Device Policy

Approved: May 7, 2012
Policy Topic: Information Technology
Administering Office: Office of Information Technology

Posted for Comment: 2012 May 07; Comment Period Closed: 2012 May 17
Issued 2012 May 18


This policy is designed for the University to meet IRS regulations by providing guidelines for the use of mobile communication devices (MCD) and the associated services used for business purposes.


A mobile communication device (MCD) is any computing device that has an integrated telephony function. 

A mobile device (MD) is a handheld device that is typically referred to as a Tablet.  These devices include tablets of all varieties, i.e., iPad, Transformer, ThinkPad Tablet, etc.


Mobile Communication Device

The policy for the use of MCDs authorizes Kettering University employees to receive a set allowance to be added to their bi-weekly compensation for the use of MCDs.  The set allowance will be taxable.  There are four pre-determined allowance options from which to choose.  The Application for Mobile Communication Device Allowance must be approved by the business unit Vice President and based on the business need.  The MCDs will not be provided nor funded by Kettering University.  Employees must obtain the equipment and service plan on their own.

The employee may obtain a larger plan if needed for personal use, but will only receive the amount approved for business use. Bills for the MCD service plan are the responsibility of the individual, not the department. 

Kettering is not responsible for contractual agreements once there is a separation of the employee from Kettering.  If an employee assumes a new role at Kettering it is at the discretion of the new business unit Vice President to continue the allotment or not.

Some departments, due to the nature of their business, may need to possess a MCD that is owned by the University.  These MCD can be permanently assigned to an employee or as a floating device among the department.  The floating MCDs will be maintained by the department and rotated to meet business needs.  Monthly bills on the floating MCDs will be reviewed and approved by departmental supervisors monthly.  Personal calls are prohibited on the floating MCDs.

The allotment is requested by completing an Application for Mobile Communication Device Allowance with appropriate authorizations and will be included in your bi-weekly pay.

Mobile Devices

Departments may purchase MDs for an employee, or group of employees, if they are not for personal use and are controlled by assigning the device to a specific employee.  The data plan requires the use of a Kettering purchasing card from the assigning department.  The device is Kettering property and should be returned once there is a separation of the employee from Kettering.


Departments are responsible to determine the budgetary impact of this program, and to determine whether or not an employee’s job requires use of mobile service. The University contribution toward the MCD service must be directly linked to the employee's job duties and responsibilities.  

University Administration reserves the right to modify this program in part, or in its entirety, or to discontinue the allowance based on job duties or responsibilities at any time.


This policy shall be reviewed and revised as necessary every four (4) years.