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Wednesday, April 23 from 8 - 9 p.m. about understanding your financial aid award package.

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"I’m taking on European ways of life as best I can." ~Senior Lisa Mitchell

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Congratulations on your acceptance to Kettering University. Your personal qualities and accomplishments as well as your scholastic record have placed you among the brightest and the best. Kettering University has a long-standing tradition of recruiting students who think differently and learn differently. We are proud you are part of this select group.


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Your future classmates are talking on Facebook and getting to know one another. This is what Shay Penski posted:


Howdy! My name is Shay Penski (in case you missed it). I'm a native of Livonia, MI and I plan on majoring in Chemical Engineering at Kettering with a potential minor in business (haven't decided on that one yet). I'm in A-section and enjoy myself a good video game now and then. In addition, I'm a fan of any sport and play for the sheer fun of it. I also plan on joining a number of intramural sports and spending a sizeable amount of time learning racquetball once I arrive on campus.


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