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International Applicants

"Ever since attending Kettering I've done nothing but brag about the ease of business you guys do every day from an administration standpoint (registration, ordering books, etc.). It's been so simple, quick, and easy to do everything for my schooling since I've been here. I've loved it! You guys always have my referral and it couldn't get any easier than how you make it, and that is a great business strategy to have.” -Alex


2011/2012 Graduate Tuition:$716 per credit hour (Summer 2011 through Spring 2012)
4-credit course:$2,864
2-credit course:$1,432

Textbooks are provided at no additional cost.

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Other Fees

  • There is a processing fee of $5.00 per credit hour for transfer credit.
  • A nonrefundable graduation fee of $160 is charged whether or not the student participates in commencement ceremonies.
  • Any student who wishes to take the proficiency exam to test out of a prerequisite requirement will be charged $30 for each test taken.
  • Checks returned for insufficient funds result in a $25 nonrefundable service charge.

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When registering via the web, students acknowledge enrollment in the course(s) selected and authorize Kettering University to bill them for any related tuition and fees. Bills are mailed the week following the close of web registration by the Student Accounts Office. Payment is due 4th week Monday of the term for which you are enrolling. A "hold" will be placed on the account after the online registration period for those students who have not paid their tuition, submitted a voucher, or enrolled in the FACTS (eCashier) payment plan.  A “hold” will prevent future registrations, may result in a $40 late fee, and grade reports and transcripts being withheld.

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Payment is due 4th week Monday of the On-Campus schedule.

Tuition payment may be made by check, employer voucher, or money order.

Individuals who wish to pay by credit card will be directed to FACTS, our third party service provider, to make payment by American Express, Discover, or MasterCard.

New Payment Plan options through FACTS are also available.

Contact the Student Accounts Office if you have questions regarding payment:

810.762. 9552 or 810. 762.9803

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Tuition Refund Policy

When a student withdraws from a course, refunds are made on the following schedule:

Week 1 100%
Week 290%
Weeks 3 and 450%
Weeks 5 through 725%
After week 70%

Specific dates are stated in the registration instructions for each term.

Tuition refunds are initiated by completing a "Course Change" Form. The postmark or fax date when the form is received by the University determines the refund amount. Students are personally responsible for mailing the forms and verifying their receipt by the University. Refunds are made to the payer of the tuition.

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Employer Assistance

Many employers provide financial assistance for graduate study. Programs differ, so interested students should contact the appropriate office at their place of employment. Depending on company policy, Kettering University may be able to bill the employer directly for tuition. Students whose tuition is to be billed to their employers must submit complete and proper authorization to Kettering University. Students should apply for their employer tuition assistance as soon as possible -- since costs and course offerings are known in advance. Any portion of tuition that will not be paid by the employer must be paid by the student. Kettering University will hold the student responsible for payments not received from the employer.

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Forms, information, and reporting services are handled in the Registrar's Office. Veterans are registered as an Independent Student using the following guidelines:

  1. Eligible veterans residing outside the State of Michigan seeking to receive benefits for educational purposes are registered as Independent students. Tapes and class materials are mailed to their home address, and exams are sent to a Kettering University-approved proctor -- which is acquired by the student.
  2. Eligible veterans inside the State of Michigan are processed as regular graduates and assigned to certified learning centers.

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Military Call To Duty

Students may withdraw from the University and receive a 100% tuition refund upon presenting to the Registrar the original Armed Forces orders. Non-punitive grades of W (Withdrawn) will be issued.

Should the call come during eighth week or later, in the judgment of the professor and the student, an Incomplete (I) may be given with no reimbursement of tuition. Coursework would then be completed per arrangements agreed upon between the professor and the student.

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International Applicants

An application fee of $50 (U.S. dollars) is due for all international applicants at the time the student submits application materials to Kettering University. Neither scholarship funds nor financial aid through Kettering University are available for international students.

International applicants must demonstrate and provide evidence of their ability to meet all educational and living expenses (tuition, room and board, etc.) for the entire period of their intended stay before Kettering University can issue a Certificate of Visa Eligibility (Form I-20). Evidence may include a statement from a legitimate financial institution reflecting a minimum of $43,000 (U.S. dollars) in a savings account to pay expenses while attending Kettering University. Medical insurance, including repatriation and evacuation coverage, is required for all international students and must be purchased through Kettering University.

Prior to registering for classes, full payment for tuition must be made for the term in which the student is enrolling. Funds remitted or provided for payment must be drawn from a U.S. Bank.

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